Business Evaluation Tool

Improve Every Area of Your Business

Why Evaluate Your Business?

To improve any business, the first thing that needs to happen is an evaluation. Business owners need to audit their business to understand where the company’s strengths and weaknesses are, and what actions take priority in order to grow your business.

With the Business Evaluation Tool, we make the evaluation process easy and affordable. Our tool enables business owners to complete a full evaluation of their business.

Choose the package that suits you, complete the questionnaire, and begin the path to improving your company today.

Business Evaluation Tool

About The Product

Our evaluation process covers:

  • 185+ Questions*
  • 9 Sections*
  • 43 Subsections*

Our Business Evaluation Includes:

Business Evaluation Report – A detailed report which includes an overall score for your business, each section, and subsection.

Areas of Improvement – Best practices to improve all areas of your business, with over 200 ways to develop your company.

100 Day Plan – A structured guide to help you make improvements to your business.

How It Works

How It Works - Step 1
How It Works - Step 1

Choose your package

  • Choose your package depending on the size of your business
  • Select either the Solo, Small or Medium package

Complete the evaluation

  • The questionnaire covers questions that are specifically designed to evaluate your business
  • These include: Business Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Human Resource, Leadership & Wellbeing, Accounting and Finance, Operations and Technology
How It Works - Step 2

Receive your evaluation report

  • Our software will analyze your results from your evaluation
  • You will receive a customized evaluation report and 100 Day plan, along with a resource document to help you improve each area of your business.

Review your results

Your evaluation report is a 33+ page detailed document that covers:

  • An overall score
  • A score for each of the nine key areas and 43 subsections
  • The report also includes: Working “On” vs. “In” your business
  • Helpful insights into your business, with suggestions on how to improve it
How It Works - Step 3

Follow the 100 Day Plan

  • You will receive a 100 Day Plan
  • This plan outlines what you should be working on within your business over the next 100 days. It’s broken up into three 33 day sections

Implement the changes to your business

  • Using your evaluation report, Areas of Improvement resource and 100 Day Plan, select the areas of your business that will give you the growth/change you desire
  • By following the 100 Day Plan and Areas of Improvement resource, you now have all the tools you need to start making significant improvements to your business


Start improving your business today!

Choose the package best fits your business.



Solo Operators
  • 180+ Questions
  • 33 Page Report on Your Business
  • 34 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Plan



Under 5 Staff
  • 220+ Questions
  • Additional Team Questions
  • 36 Page Report on Your Business
  • 38 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Plan



5+ Staff
  • 240+ Questions
  • More Indepth Questions
  • Team & Leadership Questions
  • Strategy Question
  • 36 Page Report on Your Business
  • 38 Page Areas of Improvement Report
  • 100 Day Plan


What do I get with each evaluation tool report?

What format do I get my business evaluation in?

How can I use the Evaluation Tool to develop my business?

Are my credit card details safe when purchasing?

What happens to my evaluation once I have finished it?

What happens to the data I put into the evaluation tool? Is it kept private?

How long does it take to complete the report?

Can I get a refund?

What stage, type or size of business is suited to an evaluation?

The World's #1 Business Evaluation Tool

It’s the quickest and easiest way to evaluate your business for growth, period!

The World’s number 1 Business Evaluation Tool
  • Quickly & easily evaluate your business
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Find undiscovered “gaps” within your business
  • Expert questions to help uncover potential growth
  • Packed with hundreds of tips to help you grow
  • Dominate your competitors and boost profits
  • Over 70+ pages of info specifically on your business

Amazing Features

You only need to enter a few details, then select the choices that are specific to your business.

You can complete the whole evaluation in less than an hour.

Strategy States powerful algorithm will do the rest!

I wanted to let you know, since using your evaluation tool, my business has improved dramatically and I am FINALLY starting to see growth.

- Richard P.  
Newline Developments

Simply Fill Out The Questionnaire

Simply Fill Out The Questionnaire

We’ve created a simple, fill in the blank questionnaire that guides you through all the key questions to evaluate your business.

Just read the questions, select your responses, and our software will generate the resources to help you grow and develop your business.

Grow using our in-depth business analysis

We have identified the best business analysis questions to evaluate your business.

These questions have been trilled, tested and improved over decades to produce the best business evaluation questions in the world.

When completed, you’ll simply review your business evaluation, then apply the best strategies to help grow your business.

Grow using our in-depth business analysis

Business Evaluation Report

Business Evaluation Report

This includes an overall score for your business, a score for each of the 9 Major areas of your business, and a score for each of the 43 subsections within your business.

Areas Of Improvement Document

Areas of Improvement

This includes tips to improve each of your company’s 43 subsections, totaling over 200 ways to help you grow and develop your business.

100 Day Plan

100 Day Plan

We have included a 100 Day Plan to get you focused on the next stage of growth. Use this as a guide to help you develop key areas within your business.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who used this product would not be happy. Business advisors would charge so much for a product like this. Anyone who wants to improve their business, this is a no brainer.

As it states, I received a 30+page report on my business, with all the scores, plus another document on how to improve all these areas. And a 100-day plan. Amazing value for money.


I've spent thousands on business coaches and advisors in the past. They do a lot of talking. This is by far the best investment I've made in my business.

The evaluation tools is a fantastic tool for those who want a detailed analysis of their business. A real must have.


As someone who has a strong marketing background, I thought I had I had most things covered. Turns out I wasn't even scratching the surface.


I just completed an evaluation of my business. It took a while to complete, I had to really think about my business. Well worth the investment.


After talking to a friend of mine who had used this product, I decided to give it a try. All I can say is that the ET has opened my eyes up to so many aspects of my business that I can improve. Without this, I would have not known where to start.

Using the business evaluation tool is essential for anyone who is serious about improving their business. It took me through a process like nothing you have experienced before.

I have a cleaning company and just did a medium evaluation on my business. This business evaluation is awesome. It covers so many areas of my business that I never thought about. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their company

The Business Evaluation tool has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business. It has given me a complete strategic overview of my business. I recommend it to anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of their business.


Great product! Tons of information. Quick and Easy!


I found this to be a really great product that helps me identify the blind spots of the business, which I never had the time to work on before. This product is a must-have for every business owner.

Ready to start growing your business?

  •  Gain an in-depth analysis of your business
  •  Look at your business from a strategic view like never before
  •  Identify your most significant risks, then sort them out
  •  Find out where your best opportunities are
  •  Grow your sales by identifying the best marketing tactics for your business
  •  Analyze time management and production opportunities
  •  Gain a competitive edge by beating your competitors in every area of business

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