107 Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales

107 Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales

107 Marketing Tactics To Increase Sales

This is Strategy State’s guide to the best marketing tactics for 2019.

All of these tactics have their place and work well if carried out properly under the right circumstances.

We hope you enjoy it, and it offers you some useful information to help grow your business.

Happy selling!


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Affiliates are online commissioned sales associates. They set up sales pages/sales funnels and promote your products and services. You’ll often see affiliate sites and “review sites” with links to products.

Affiliates receive commissions based on the payout models of CPS = Cost Per Sale or CPA = Cost Per Action. Cost per action can be; Clicks, impressions, leads etc.

Commissions can range from 5% to 30% for physical products, and 30% to 90% for digital products. Commission rates can vary depending on the agreement and the amount of commitment from you. I.e. Your digital marketing spends.
To maximize the return of affiliates, it works best if affiliates have a huge/loyal database of your ideal customers.

Pros: You pay based on results. You can reach targeted audiences.

Cons: Doesn’t work well for Low Margin products or new products that don’t have marketing content or data.

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Articles (Published)


Articles can be a great way to build brand awareness and build trust with your customers. They are easier to distribute than books, so offer a wider audience. I.e. You can publish your article across 20 different websites.

Pros: Can brand yourself as an expert in your industry. Scalable. Can be cheap to produce.

Cons: Can take time to create. Can require a high level of industry or specialized knowledge. Can take a long time to see results.



Association Memberships


Association memberships can be part of your networking initiatives. This tactic involves marketing your products and services through the membership organization.

Pros: Depending on your membership audience, you could have pre-qualified targeted leads.

Cons: Your product or service needs to be in alignment with your membership’s interests.




Banner Advertisements (GDN)Banner ads can be a great way to build brand awareness for your products and services.

As shown in the example, banner ads are the advertisements that surround website content. You can target where you want your ads to appear based on Keywords, topics, and interests that relate to your product.

Banner ads work well when retargeting your audience. Ie. When someone visits your website (cookies are embedded). You can then retarget those visitors with specific content and offers.

GDN (Google Display Network) is the most common banner display platform.

Costing Model can be CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions).

Pros: Reach a huge audience with a low budget.

Cons: Can have low Click Through Rates (0.2% – 0.4%). Creative needs to be effective.



Barter / Trade Exchanges


Barter/Trade Exchanges

Barter trading is a system whereby you can barter your goods and services within a cashless business network.

Pros: You can increase your network, decrease stock, expose you to opportunities that you didn’t have before. Reduce costs for essential products and services you require.

Cons: You don’t receive cash (cash flow). Can have limited trading opportunities. Ongoing fees to remain a member of a program. Bartering and trading are not tax exempt.

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Blimps, Balloons, Plane Banners & Skywriting


Blimps, Balloons, Plane Banners & Skywriting

Blimps, Balloons and large inflatable signage solutions are perfect for grand openings, trade shows and large-scale outdoor events where there are large amounts of people.

Pros: Can be seen by thousands of potential customers at a time. Is great for brand awareness, giving you a wow factor.

Cons: Expensive, not ideal for small business operators.

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Blogs / Blogging / Content Marketing


Blogs / Blogging / Content MarketingBlogs are a great way to generate organic traffic. However, they can take a long time to reap the rewards.
Unlike paid digital marketing that stops working once the budget stops, blogs remain effective for an extended period of time.

They can be a great way to build your authority within the industry.

Pros: They can be inexpensive to create if you do them yourself. Plus, you can use leverage, ie. You can post them on your website, guest posts, LinkedIn or even sell them.

Cons: You need to write the blogs, either yourself or outsourced, blogs take effort. Also, to be effective, you need to keep them updated and create new content to keep readers coming back.



Books (Paperback)


Books (Paperback) Books can be a fantastic way to develop your brand and authority within an industry. Having a New York Times bestselling book will differently open doors for you.

Pros: Separate yourself from the pack. Books are scalable and can be in audio and multi languages

Cons: Can take a long time to develop (Years). Can require huge amounts of effort and special knowledge to market and sell your book effectively.



Branded Promotional Gifts


Branded Promotional Gifts Company branded promotional products are a supplementary marketing tactic that is usually accompanied by other marketing initiatives such as promotional events, trade shows, competitions, giveaways etc.
As the cost of the promotional products can vary, it’s important that you carefully select who you give these products to.

Pros: It allows people to take something physical away with them after making contact with a sales representative.

Cons: Highly ineffective at creating sales, used mainly for brand awareness. There are minimum quantities for production runs that may be outside your scope.

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Brochures and Electronic Brochures


Brochures and Electronic Brochures

Brochures and E-Brochures are standard marketing materials that are used when someone your talking to wants something to take away with them.

There often used at tradeshows or retail stores when people ask after detailed product information.

Brochures can be more effective than simply giving someone your business card.

Pros: Then can be sent electronically.

Cons: When using high-quality printing paper, the costs can add up.

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Building Signage, Flags, Window Decals


Building Signage, Flags, Window Decals

Building signs are probably the oldest form of advertising known to man.

Every bricks and mortar business needs to have shop frontage with a clear sign that tells people what the store is offering.

Pros: Helps customers locate your business. You can get sponsored signs from companies like Coca Cola.

Cons: Lightboxes and power generated signs can cost money to maintain them.



Bulletin Boards


Bulletin Boards

Local community bulletin boards can be effective at reaching a localized audience. They are especially good if you’re trying to promote a local event.

If your selling things such as firewood, lawn services, or dance/yoga and guitar lessons. Bulletin boards could be useful.

Pros: Free, easy, can be effective depending on your demographics and target market.

Cons: You’ll first need to find them, then test them. You’ll also need to maintain your advert continually.



Business Cards


Business Cards

Business cards are another essential marketing aid.

It’s one of the only ways which allows you to pass information instantly to people you’re speaking to.

Business cards are best utilized when you follow up with new contacts in a systemized manner. Ie. You call or email new connections the following day.

Pros: Cheap, easy and quick to obtain.

Cons: Low conversion rate. You’ll need to hand out hundreds to get results.

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Business Directory


Business Directory

Business directories can be online or offline.

Offline directories such as Yellow Pages are typically printed once a year.

Online directories such as business.com and yahoo.com can be useful in drive referral traffic to your website. Often online business directories will rank higher than your website.

Pros: Depending on your industry, you could potentially receive many inquiries.

Cons: Can be expensive and offer little in the way of results.



Buy Database Lists


Buy Database Lists

Business owners can buy databases on just about anything. Databases can be a great way to identify your addressable market. You can use these databases to make contact (cold calling) and engage with your target market.

It’s also a great way to identify competitors.

Pros: Works great with B2B marketing

Cons: There are privacy regulations when making unsolicited contact with recipients. Ensure you follow the local laws when it comes to contacting people.



Car Signage


Car Signage

If you have a service business or provide delivery, having an eye-catching vehicle can set you apart.

First impressions matter, so a branded vehicle can be a great extension to your brand.

Pros: It’s mobile signage, it can grab people’s attention, you’ll stand out and be much more memorable.

Cons: If your employees act in a negative way while using the branded vehicles. This will affect your reputation.





Catalogs / Catalogues

When we talk about catalogs, we’re referring to manufactures and wholesalers (not Walmart or Kmart catalogs).

Catalogs are booklets that contain a large range of products that manufacturers and wholesalers provide. They are typically larger size and high-value products that evolve slowly over time.

These catalogs are usually produced yearly.

Pros: Can provide high level and detailed information on products and services.

Cons: Not great for products that have a short product life cycle.



Change / Open More Locations


Change / Open More Locations

With any business premises, you lease. It’s always important to assess the geographic and demographics of the location.

Finding out things like the foot traffic, parking, access to public transport, building size requirements and benchmarking local rent rates are useful.

You may want to consider changing your location or adding additional locations, so you can better serve your customers. Your current location may not be big enough or serve your requirements adequately.

Pros: Better serve your customers or a wider range of customers

Cons: Do your research first. Adding fixed expenses can be risky if you have incorrect assumptions.



Cold Calling


Cold Calling

Making calls is one of the foundations of sales whether it be cold, warm or a hot lead.

Best results are generated by: Cultivating a targeted list, following a robust sales script and being prepared for any questions that will arise.

Pros: You can explain your service or product in high detail, handle objections and questions, all while receiving immediate feedback.

Cons: Without a targeted list of prospects or warm leads, sales calls can be very ineffective, time-consuming and costly.



Commission Based Salespeople


Commission Based Salespeople